Photography is Everywhere: Goldstone Primary School

As part of Brighton Photo Biennial 2006, Photography is Everywhere was shown across the city in a range of public places, including Brighton and Hove Buses and The Twitten.

An exhibition of the original artworks took place at the University of Brighton Gallery, Grand Parade between 10 – 18 November 2006.

During 2006, Brighton Photo Biennial developed and piloted a model for student learning in the community, for second year undergraduates at the University of Brighton. This project provides professional practice opportunities for students, and enriches the art curriculum in primary schools. It also enables both students and pupils to try things for the first time, take creative risks in a safe and supportive environment, and share the experience of ‘learning together’.

The project extended students’ learning by providing them with direct experience of working as artists with pupils in five primary schools in Hove. The students’ course covers all aspects of working as artists in education including teaching strategies, lesson planning & evaluation, communication skills, organisational issues and health and safety.

Phase 1, which ran over ten weeks during Spring 2006 enabled students to work in pairs alongside teachers, helping pupils create new artwork. Phase 2 took place in October 2006. The programme encouraged a multi-disciplinary approach that fuses photographic processes with other art forms.

The resulting photographs were presented across the city at a range of public venues during November as part of Brighton Photo Biennial 2006.