August 4, 2003, (near) Tikrit, Iraq
© Geert van Kesteren
Courtesy the artist

Ethics and the Public Use of Images of War: A Debate

Date: 12.11.08

Time: 18:00 - 20:00

Venue: Fabrica

Admission: Free - To Book: Contact or 01273 778646


40 Duke Street, brighton



Do we NEED to see what war does to people? Ought we HAVE TO see it? When does shock give way to lazy acceptance? How do photographers decide what we see and manipulate how we see it? Nobody has asked people permission to display their pain, suffering or mutilated corpses: does that matter?


Come and join in a debate about these and related issues hosted by Fabrica and University of Brighton's Centre For Applied Philosophy, Politics & Ethics.





Opening Times:

6pm - 8pm