August 4, 2003, (near) Tikrit, Iraq
© Geert van Kesteren
Courtesy the artist



BPB works formally and informally with teachers, trainee teachers and youth workers in a variety of contexts across different subject areas. For further information about ways to get involved with BPB 2010 please email us.

Visit Past Projects for examples of previous work with schools, colleges and young people.


BPB 2010 TEACHERS RESOURCE PACK An online toolkit for teachers keen to visit or get involved with BPB 2010. The resource will include information about BPB 2010 themes, artists and media, and suggest ways of engaging with Biennial exhibitions and events. 

The following teaching resources are already available - either to download, or free from the Biennial office:

1. A teachers pack and online resource for teachers of a range of 14 - 19 subjects including Media Studies, Citizenship, Art & Design, Photography, Religious Studies and Art & Design that aims to developing students knowledge and understanding of conflict in the 21st Century.

2. A BPB 2008 teachers pack for teachers of a range of 14 - 19 subjects including Media Studies, Citizenship, Art & Design, Photography, Religious Studies and Art & Design that supports engagement with some of the key themes and issues explored through BPB 2008.

3. A DVD/resource pack for post 16 teachers in the subject areas of Art & Design, Film Studies, Media Studies, Citizenship, health& social Care, and Humanities, and for youth workers and agencies delivering a range of support programmes for young people about emotional health, decision making, sexual health and literacy. This DVD/Resource is the outcome of a project called TogetherAlone and is available free from the BPB office. Please email the BPB office for a copy.

4. Picture Emotions - a set of postcards/resource pack that contains a series of powerful images that explore young people’s experiences of dealing with powerful emotions such as isolation, pride, conflict, and loneliness. The pack is for youth workers and teachers exploring emotional health issues with young people. This resource is the outcome of a project called Euphoric Flash. Please email the BPB office for a copy

Planning a visit

Each venue offers a diverse programme of talks, events and activities. In addition, many offer specific creative learning opportunities for school/education groups such as exhibition tours or workshops, often tailored to meet the needs of each group. Please contact venues directly for further information.

Make an advance visit

Although it’s not always possible, we would advise you to visit the venue yourself before bringing a group so you know what to expect. This will ensure that you are familiar with the kinds of images that students might encounter, which will support planning, and may also help with practical details. The BPB website also contains a selection of images from all exhibitions which may help with planning and preparing a visit.

Booking information

Admission is free to all exhibitions. However, we strongly recommend contacting the education team at the venue well in advance of your visit to let them know you are coming. Some venues are offering tours and activities for school/college groups. Visit venues for information on venue contact details and maps. 

Please note: The opening times for each venue may vary.

Use our website provides all the information you will need when planning a visit including opening times, exhibition information, contact details and up to the minute details about events and activities. The website also functions as a platform for ideas and discussion around photography. Students can use it as a research tool, and as an opportunity to participate by posting comments.