Dead bodies on the street, photographed from a car. The maker of the photograph cannot be revealed. Victims are mostly kidnapped and then murdered. Bodies are thrown on the street as warning or terror. Some militias prohibit family members to pick up the dead bodies. Sometimes it proves be a booby trap.

The Photocapture Project

A collaboration between Brighton Photo Biennial & the Community University Partnership Programme at the University of Brighton (CUPP)

CUPP facilitates the development of projects and networks that link the university, local communities and community and voluntary sector organisations, for mutual benefit and with the priority of addressing inequalities.

CUPP’s South East Coastal Communities (SECC) programme develops communities of practice in key areas of co-working between communities and the Universities of Brighton, Sussex & Chichester as part of a wider Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) funded programme.

The aim of the project is for universities to work collaboratively with members of the local community in the area in order to build their capacity to meet their Health and Wellbeing needs.

In 2008 CUPP commissioned Brighton Photo Biennial to work with small teams of undergraduates from the University of Brighton to document the work of some of these communities of practice using photography and film.

Creative community engagement opportunities enable students to make connections between what they learn in the classroom and real life experience. It helps them put new skills into practice, encourages a range of professional skills, provides first hand experience, and enhances academic learning alongside professional expertise.