COSY by Jonathan Swain

COSY. 11.45pm, Saturday 24 October 2009, Palace Place, Brighton. A photographic event by Jonathan Swain. Commissioned by Brighton Photo Biennial as part of Brighton & Hove's White Night.

24th October 2009

The Event
A single, large format photograph, taken of a group of postal workers, thanking
members of a knitting circle for the gift of a homemade cosy for their local pillar box.
A gesture of solidarity to celebrate the hidden industry of those who work at night.

This group photograph is the product of a guerilla collaboration between
Jonathan Swain, the knitting circle, autonomous postal workers and a lighting
crew. It was a special tea break for the postal workers. An acknowledgement of the
long history of the postal service and those who work in it, treasuring a threatened
form of communication.

The taking of the photograph, witnessed by a crowd of nightime revellers, is a
slice of irrational magic and humble warmth, the kind of thing that darkness induces.
Closer to fiction than fact. A very short, millisecond memorial. After all the attention,
the pillar box cosy was left in place, a prototype for a further, unexplained rash of
copycat, knitted cosy actions.

To view the press release related to this event, please follow this link. 


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