August 4, 2003, (near) Tikrit, Iraq
© Geert van Kesteren
Courtesy the artist

Post Up: The War of Images - A Resource For Teachers

Post Up: The War of Images - A Resource For Teachers

This resource aims to support schools and colleges embarking on work that develops young peoples’ knowledge and understanding of conflict in the 21st Century. It is aimed at teachers of a range of 14 – 19 subjects including Citizenship, Media Studies, Art & Design, Religious Studies, History, and of course, Photography.

Presented here is a selection of material generated by BPB 2008’s Post Up education project, which is appropriate for use as a stimulus for further learning. The material includes a selection of artefacts from the Mass Observation Archive, podcasts of school students discussing their experiences and feelings about war with veterans, and an edited selection of contributions to the project’s peace wall made by people from all walks of life.

How to use this resource

The material is accompanied by a free teachers’ pack that outlines learning opportunities and identifies possible themes to explore. Download the pack here

The idea is that the pack suggests potential lines of enquiry, backed up by online material providing various opportunities for direct engagement with high quality images and real life opinions and experiences. We hope that you will listen to the podcasts with your class, analyse BPB 2008 photographic images of war, investigate WWII propaganda posters from the Mass Observation Archive, or engage with comments made by members of the public responding to questions about war.

  • View a selection of artefacts from the Mass Observation Archive here
  • View the participants’ artwork here
  • View the Post Up Peace Wall comments here
  • View highlights from the Post Up event in Brighton here
  • View images of the Post Up workshops here
  • Download the Post Up participants’ newspaper pdf here

When artist Anthony Lam first visited the archive he selected a number of quotes, which were turned into bookmarks. These quotes can be used to trigger debate about memories and experiences of war. Download the bookmarks here

Don’t forget, the BPB website contains a wealth of historical and contemporary images of war created by photographers, artists and photojournalists.


If you download the podcasts below you can listen to:

  • The Post Up school students talking with veterans about their experiences of war inspired by a visit to the Mass Observation Archive.
  • Post Up participants interviewing members of the public about their thoughts and opinions of war.
  • The In Conversation events held during BPB 2008 which include exhibiting artists and BPB 2008 curator Julian Stallabrass.


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