Dead bodies on the street, photographed from a car. The maker of the photograph cannot be revealed. Victims are mostly kidnapped and then murdered. Bodies are thrown on the street as warning or terror. Some militias prohibit family members to pick up the dead bodies. Sometimes it proves be a booby trap.

Peer To Peer

Brighton Photo Biennial created a model for a peer led photographic opportunity for young people that focused on motivating and mentoring young people interested in developing a career in the visual arts and/or community arts education.

Young people aged 16 - 25 worked with arts students from the University of Brighton. Supported by artist Anna Sherbany, the art students collaborated with the young people to devise, plan and lead, fresh and playful photography-based workshops for primary school children from the Starfish Kids Club, an after school club at Somerhill Junior School in Hove. The project aimed to nurture leadership skills in young people, encourage new ways of working creatively with photography, and promote higher education to groups of young people who may not have considered it as a career option.