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A soldier's picture diary from S Ossetia

15.08.08 | Florence Waters

This is an incredibly moving picture diary from the battlefield of S. Ossetia. Following my blog post from Monday, I wanted to draw attention to it. It is staggering on many levels. Just days after combat, it gives the world an icredibly honest humanist view of what the war conditions are like for the Russians fighting. The overtone of the series of pictures is not political. The pictures do not illustrate a point - or an article, as they do in the media. No Western more

What web clicks taught me about war photos

12.08.08 | Florence Waters

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A shift in attitude towards war photography is taking place on the Internet. While analysing patterns of web clicks on media images, I've noticed that photos of the heroic or tragic moment in war receive much less interest than I would have predicted. The snapshot worthy of historic war photographers like Phillip Jones Griffith has all but lost its power on the contemporary (Internet savvy) audience. Here are some recent reasons why I think that's happening – along with more