August 4, 2003, (near) Tikrit, Iraq
© Geert van Kesteren
Courtesy the artist
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Many thanks

26.11.08 | Julian Stallabrass

The exhibition at Bexhill, The Sublime Image of Destruction, stays open until January, but the other Biennial exhibitions have now closed. We are looking into possibilities for touring elements of the Biennial, both in the UK and abroad.

There are many people who deserve thanks for making the Biennial what it was, including all those who worked at the various venues, those who worked at the Biennial office, and those who helped with advice and loans, including people from the Imperial War Museum and the Archive of Modern Conflict.

I'd particularly like to thank those who gave their time for free: these included students from the University of Brighton and the Courtauld Institute of Art, who were essential in helping me to research aspects of the exhibitions and who ensured the smooth running of the Biennial events. Corinne Silva, a photographer and postgraduate student at Brighton, did an immense amount of work on the 'Iraq Through the Lens of Vietnam' exhibition--and without it the show would not have been as rich as it was. Heejin No also helped on that exhibition, particularly in the early stages.

Above all, I'd like to thank the artists, most of whom gave their work to the Biennial without recompense because they thought the project worthwhile. Without their goodwill, the Biennial could not have taken place. All deserve many many thanks, but I'd like to particularly mention Tim Page, who not only lent his own photographs of the Vietnam War but also allowed us to draw on his wonderful collection of works from the National Liberation Front and the North Vietnamese Army, which formed such an essential component of the University of Brighton show.

I will be continuing to add Biennial news here--about touring, reviews and connected events.