August 4, 2003, (near) Tikrit, Iraq
© Geert van Kesteren
Courtesy the artist
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Post Up event - what happened...

18.11.08 | Anthony Lam

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Success!! We did it... our Post Up public event over two days in Jubilee Square and our Hub at the Lighthouse was a fantastic time and resounding success. Many people passing by the Square came to engage and enter into the spirit of our group's efforts. Lots of comments were posted onto our Peace Wall and we accumulated another batch of photo placard artworks made by people of all ages. We also handed out free copies of our special edition newspaper containing artworks and writings by the group.

The group interviewed the public about their views on conflict, war and peace and engaged in interesting dialogue. We even had a Speakers' Corner which had contributors providing thoughts and debate around the issues of war and conflicts. It was a really mixed bunch of people, including our group members reading poems, their thoughts on war, the BPB curator Julian Stallabrass, and others (including a song in ode to Obama).

We ended our two day event with a rabble rousing parade with a samba band leading the way, taking with us the placards made by the group and public participants, and balloons complete with our slogan YWarY, taking our messages out into the town.

I'd like to thank all the Post Up group for their brilliant contributions and active engagement with such important issues. Their honesty, openness and ability to engage with challenge was profound. The critical dialogue that the group has shaped and participated within, I am sure will continue... .