August 4, 2003, (near) Tikrit, Iraq
© Geert van Kesteren
Courtesy the artist
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Post Up group

03.11.08 | Anthony Lam

We have started! Our Post Up group consists of Year 9 students from Patcham High School and veterans who have experiences of war, particularly World War 2. The group have been working together now for 3 sessions and have been looking at materials held at the Mass Observation Archive

It has been really interesting to see the difference in ages between the participants disappear as they talk together, see exhibitions and make photographic art works in response to the themes of conflicts and war.

We have just made the visual contents for an 8 page tabloid size paper that we will be printing a 1000 copies for the Post Up event we are holding on the 14th & 15th November in Brighton. This paper has photo montage works the group made together in response to images of war and in particular, looking at the US army website photographs We have been exploring propaganda in the Archive looking at original materials from WW2.

This week we are meeting again, keep posted for more updates....