Dead bodies on the street, photographed from a car. The maker of the photograph cannot be revealed. Victims are mostly kidnapped and then murdered. Bodies are thrown on the street as warning or terror. Some militias prohibit family members to pick up the dead bodies. Sometimes it proves be a booby trap.
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14.10.08 | Annis Joslin

"Photography in the Community" is an extension studies course for 2nd year undergraduates from different courses (Photography, Illustration, Visual Culture and Critical Fine Art Practice) at the University of Brighton. The course is aimed at students who are interested in gaining practical work experience in the field of community arts and socially engaged practice. During the eight week course, the students will visit and engage with the Brighton Photo Biennial exhibitions "Iraq Through the Lens of Vietnam", "Why, Mister Why?" and "Baghdad Calling" by Geert Van Kesteren at Lighthouse and  "The Incommensurable Banner" by Thomas Hirschorn at Fabrica. In response to these exhibitions the students will plan and deliver a series gallery based activities for 6th Form Students from Brighton and Hove Sixth Form College (BHASVIC). 

I'll be posting up information and ideas that emerge during the project with links to any video or photographic material we might develop and upload onto YouTube or Flickr.

The students will also have the exciting opportunity to facilitate a breakout session, in collaboration with me,  during the Engage Conference (for further details visit Participants will explore questions around censorship and how the development of interactive media, mobile phones and new technologies have changed the way we process and receive images of war. This will inevitable lead to critical concerns about how we view human suffering. The session will include a variety of discussion strategies and practical suggestions of how to run a workshop programme for A Level students that the undergraduate students themselves will be facilitating the following week.